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Story of the crossing of the Pyrenees by two walkers
via the
Pyrenean High Level Route (HRP)
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Welcome to this site which tells you the story of the crossing of the Pyrenees by two walkers who took their time since they wanted to admire the view rather than break speed records!


This site tells you the story of the crossing of the Pyrenees, via the Haute Randonnée Pyrénéenne route, known as the HRP, such as Georges Véron described it in his works.

Don't think of these pages as simply another topological guide, nor as the story of a challenge. There is nothing to sell and no-one to promote.

Where there's a will,

There's a way.


Here is the simple story of two hikers who walked at their own pace, stopping as they wanted to, with a lot of autonomy. In 50 days, divided up over a three year period, Philippe and Yves covered the heights, in France, in Spain and in Andorra.

One fine day, on the beach at Hendaye, they collected several drops from the Atlantic Ocean, they carried them slowly, in order to pour them, a lot later on, onto the shores of the Mediterranean, at Banyuls.

In telling you their story and showing you their photos, the intention of these two lovers of the Pyrenees is simply to make other internauts dream, and awaken their desire to visit these mountains.

May many of you follow in their footsteps ...

June 2001 :Hendaye beach.

September 2003 : Banyuls beach.

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The texts are written in French. Even if you don't understand this language, we invite you to visit the pages of this site, because you will be able to enjoy the photos and consult the maps.

If you want to send us a message, please write in French or English. Thank you.

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Site production : Yves FOULQUIER.
Story texts :Yves FOULQUIER and Philippe POUSSOU.
Poems : Philippe POUSSOU.
English translation : Susan BURGESS.